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Team Fortress 2 Cover Music.

All Team Fortress 2 songs, remixed in metal, are now out! Get it here:

Also avaible on Facebook/Instagram, TikTok, Yandex, Xiami, Uma, Tencent, Pandora and NetEase, provided by Soundrop

Full playlist on Youtube

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Announcement Video and TF2 FAQ

Why is this series called "Final Remix"? Does that mean, you will never do TF2 covers again?

No, I will still make TF2 songs in the future. The Final Remix series just means, that it should be a projekt of doing every song from TF2 in this particular style. That means, if Valve adds new official soundtracks, I will add them too in this style. However, in the future, I will definitely make new TF2 covers to try various music styles, for example in synthwave, accordion or a real DOOM style? TF2 is just too good to quit it right now. We are going to live forever, right?

Story behind TF2 and this channel.

In 2011 I got introduced by the first video game cover artists such as Jules, CSGuitar or TheDelRe and it was mostly about the retro games, which is still a thing for me and what got me into covering music. But since August 2011, I also started playing TF2 and it became my favourite game really quick mostly because of the funny community. I only got in contact to this game because friends told me about it. In this year, TF2 became F2P and was in various game magazine and the reason why I wanted to try it out is because you can change classes at any time and I liked Engineer bulding sentries and being lazy. It was also my first steam game and the reason I came in contact with it. Also funny, I accidentally might have never tried TF2 out because download size of 9gb was extrem huge for my internet back then. I hit the download on a friday afternoon and didn't notice Steam was always starting automatically in the background. At Sunday night, I noticed the download was finished so I was finally able to play! My first map was btw cp_gorge and Engineer was my first choice.

Is there something new we can expect from your TF2 album?

For most of you, the whole album release isn't something completely new, if you listened to my Youtube releases. The songs you hear in the album have gone through another mastering process and I enhanced some parts that might have been glitchy in the videos. The biggest changes were removing the voice samples from the Main Theme, Faster Than A Speeding Bullet, Right Behind You, Intruder Alert and MEDIC! as people wished that and I couldn't do it anyway because you need a copyright agreement from the original voice actors.

I also couldn't add the Saxxy 2011 theme as this isn't a part of the original album called "Fight Songs: The music of TF2". It's not included there and you can only license songs from original albums, that are published in the US, which is the case here. I left out the song "Carousel of Curses" which is basically only an extract of Misfortune Teller so I decided to not put it in there. I also couldn't add Saluting The Fallen because it's not included there either and I guess, it won't ever come, as its origin is from another song. As replacement, I added an extended mix of the Rocket Jump Waltz orchestral version. Meaning also please keep in mind that unofficial songs like the Square Dance, Upgrade Station and more will likely stay as YT releaae as there are not part of an official album release yet. Thanks for understanding!

Do you have tabs? / The tabs in your Google Drive are missing some?

I didn't make any tabs (except for a few), as I am not really good into it and I don't have such software like Guitar Pro as I prefer MIDI. However, do you know, that Valve offers sheet music of any TF2 songs for free? You can grab it from their official website (on the right side)